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Car Rental

Car rental in Egypt

Prices for rent cars in Egypt:

Our company is a company for rent cars in Egypt. All its affairs depends on marketing ,guiding, and advising its older customers who expert our cars &our services to inform that to their relatives &friends thus leads to make them our favorite customers who have the facilities in everything occasionally in seasons &give them fair prices in renting car. This because season time always famous for its complicity to rent or find cars. Therefore We put our older customer in a special position ( very important customer) this is benefit for customer because in this time it is very hard to find any cars & good price comparing with other prices at other places. Some bodies think wrong that renting cars depends on finding any car with any price &still search for company give him lower price.

Reasons for making our company is best & cheapest in renting cars in Egypt:


  1. accuracy in our time & reserving
  2. varied &economic prices to all people 
  3. Automatic cars with full option 
  4. Very clever drivers who speak languages
  5. we deliver cars to the airport easily 

It supposed that you heard about the best company in renting cars This company is ElNozha tourism it is the very best in its times & its performances which Its first aim & it offers its act ivies in a very high quality to achieve the approval of its customers to be the only company who feel its customers safety & confidence If you search for a company for rent cars which transfer you & your family after hard travelling to the house you should call ElNozha tourism company which offers many various services as driver & fuel & all what you need is sure in ElNozha tourism company. We have a good service & low price. Thus ElNozha tourism company is the leader in renting cars. The company has the best professionals & trainers for the modern technology in cars

The very important services for the company:

  1. Rent cars ( Verna – Lancer)
  2. Toyota Corolla- Elentra new shape
  3. Kia Cerato – Renault Ménage – Jeep Cherokee- Prado- Pajero – Mercedes.
  4. The newest version of Mercedes

And others from various cars which company rent them to serve persons & companies & hotels . We won't make you suffer from anything from problems which faced you in other companies because we have honesty & restrictions in our time without any worrying with us. Be the first & have the very high quality of service & have the very important promotions.

Papers are needed for renting:

  1. ID or passport for foreign.
  2. Egyptian licenses or international for foreign
  3. file for address for client


  • The minimum time for renting is (72 hours) without driver.
  • The period of contract is approval for length according to agreement of the owner & customer &write that in the contract
  • it is not allowed to change any item in the contract from the owner or customer after signing it except they agree & write it down

company is obligated with:
The safety of the car for using In the case of any technical shortage in the car not from the customer company will replace it & in the case of company hasn’t the same model it will replace with other high model without paying anything from the customer Receiving car in the of accident ,the time which company informed is the time of ending the contract

Customer responsibilities:

  1. The car: customer sign that he observed everything in the car &it is in a good case & empty from any damages &sign that he will return it as he received. Customer signs that he will drive the car himself during The time of renting & not use it in any forbidden things and any damages in that time he will be the only responsible for it .
  2. In the case of damaging to the kilometer he will pay tax which company put it
  3. Customer signs that he will drive inside Cairo in speed not exaggerate 60 KM & outside Cairo 90 KM &any breaking to the law ,he obligated to return the car to the company after paying tax.
  4. He should use the fuel & oil which the company said In the contract.

Returning car:
Returning car at the place &time which limited in the contract & in the same case as he delivered it .He should concerning with the normal usage to it all time When the car with him. Rest orate the car

Company has the duty to restorate the car by competent authority without any previous warning from the owner in these cases:

  • Not returning car at limited date &time
  • usage car not as in the contract
  • If it appeared that customer gave data incorrect

Persons who authorized with driving cars:

  • Customer if he has permitted license
  • persons who authorized from the customer &also have permitted license &put their data in contract

Usage conditions:
It is not allowed to use the car in these cases:

  1. from persons who not authorized in the contract
  2. If the car needs repairing
  3. If the working of the car may damage its engine or anything else.
  4. IF the driver can't drive because of drugs or wins or any healthy case
  5. Using car in transfer persons or goods
  6. Participation in car race
  7. push or pulling other cars
  8. pulling lorry without agreement from the owner
  9. training for driving
  10. In things against traditions &against the rules of our country Egypt
  11. Outside the borders of Egypt unless this written in contract.

Leaving the car:
Don’t leave the car with its key inside it Informing about accident & catching the car Informing the owner & authorities about any accident to the car or stealing to it with giving them All data they want. 

Renting costs:

  1. The costs of renting car or any extension is on the customer as in the contract
  2. Costs of any kilometer over in the contract
  3. Costs of fuel &oil &balance in tires all the time of renting
  4. Costs for any bad usage to the car
  5. Costs on any breaking to the rules & instructions
  6. Costs on any changing to any part in the car
  7. General parking
  8. Any damage to any part in the car
  9. Any delaying in delivering the car after the limited date &time
  10. The fuel which in the car when he rent it
  11. Paying any damage caused to the car as the contract say

Sudden damage to the car:
Returning the car to the owner if it needs repairing because of sudden damage or inform him if it in a bad Case to make him responsible for returning it. Breaking the rules &instructions: traffic infraction because of the driver Any other infractions because of wrong using to The car or any forbidden things

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